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Promoting the Love of Soccer for All Ages and All Levels!


Monthly General Membership Meeting

The Meeting is Open to ALL MEMBERS. Please Come, Listen and Share.

The Meeting is typically the

2nd Thursday of the Month at 7:15 PM in the Community Center!

The next meeting is February 11, 2016


2015-2016 Winter - Clinic 1

Field Player Technical Training U10-U12 - Nov-Jan

CLOSED. Closes 11/25. Not Available 11/26

2015-2016 Winter - Clinic 2

Goal Keeper Training U10-U12 Boys and Girls - Nov-Jan

CLOSED. Closes 11/25. Not Available 11/26

2015-2016 Winter - Clinic 3

Tech work & Speed/Agility U10-U14 Boys and Girls - Jan-Mar

CLOSED. Closes 01/04. Not Available 01/05

2015-2016 Winter - Happy Feet Session 1

Ages U03-U05 Boys and Girls - Jan-Feb

CLOSED. Closes 01/01. Not Available 01/02

2015-2016 Winter - Happy Feet Session 2

Ages U03-U05 Boys and Girls - Feb-Mar

Now Open. Closes 02/12. Not Available 02/13

2015-2016 Winter - In House Ages Clinic 1

U06-U09 - Jan-Feb

CLOSED. Closes 12/28. Not Available 12/29

2015-2016 Winter - In House Ages Clinic 2

U06-U09 - Feb-Mar

Now Open. Closes 02/11. Not Available 02/12

2016 Spring In House Rec U03-U05 Happy Feet

Will Open Soon

2016 Spring U06-U10 In House Rec

NOW OPEN. Early Bird Rate Until 03/06. Closes 03/26. Not Available 03/27

2016 Spring U10 Travel Rec

Will Open Soon

2016 Spring U11-U14 Travel Rec

Will Open Soon

2016 Spring U15-U19

NOW OPEN. Closes 02/15. Not Available 02/16

2016 Fall In House Rec U03-U05 Happy Feet

Open Late Spring for Fall

2016 Fall Parent Volunteer Registration

Open Late Spring for Fall

2016 Fall U06-U10 In House Rec

Open Late Spring for Fall

2016 Fall U10 Travel

Open Late Spring for Fall

2016 Fall U11-U14 Travel Rec

Open Late Spring for Fall

2016-2017 U11-U14 Travel Comp

Open Late Spring for Fall



New CT G license

Soccer club of Guilford will be bringing the new CJSA CT G coaching license (CJSA highly recommends that all non-licensed coaches take the G/CT Youth License prior to any other course) to town on Saturday March 12th starting at 9am. 

Venue - Still TBD, but most likely at the high school

Candidates must be at least 14 years of age.

Saturday March 12, 2016

4 hrs Total - No formal testing

2.5 hrs in classroom

1.5 hrs field session

  • Course is age specific, U06-U08 (but should NOT be ignored if you do not have any prior licensing) 
  • Focus of the certificate courses is for the parent coach & new coaches.
  • The mission of the G/CT Youth License is to provide the most current and advanced information on the growth and development of the youth soccer player. Is a great license for coaches to learn about kids.

$40 per CJSA candidate

$75 per NON CJSA candidate

Register here 

Questions - Josh Krusewski   

Josh Krusewski Director of Coaching - Soccer Club of Guilford

by posted 01/07/2016
Concussion Awareness

Hello All SCOG Members,

Important information from CJSA to all CT Soccer Players:

The Connecticut General Assembly passed a law regarding concussions in youth athletics. This new law requires that as of January 1, 2016, CJSA and each of its member clubs make available to each player and their parents or legal guardian, at the time of a player’s registration, a written or electronic statement regarding concussions. 

To assist our member clubs with this obligation, we have attached 2 files to assist you in this process.

  1. ​CJSA Concussion Cover Letter 2015 10 25 v1
  2. CJSA Concussion Awareness Form 2015 10 16 v1.2

Additional information can be found on

Concussion Information from the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association(CJSA)

November, 2015

U. S. Soccer indicates it will announce in the near future, specific details, including a number of new initiatives and recommendations concerning the modification of substitution rules and limitations on heading the ball as well as a more comprehensive player safety campaign. Click here for more information 

October, 2015

Effective January 1, 2016 each CJSA club is required to make available either a written or electronic statement regarding concussions to each youth athlete (i.e. all CJSA players) and the parent or legal guardian of each player participating in any youth athletic activity. The law requires that this written or electronic information be made available at the time of registration of each player and must be consistent with the most recent information provided by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding concussions.

Player/Parent Concussion Awareness Form

August, 2015

Concussion Awareness for Coaches, Parents, Players

Heads Up Concussion - Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents

Section 114 of Connecticut Public Act 15-5, Concussion Awareness in Youth Athletics

February, 2015

Click on the link below to view the written public hearing testimony that CJSA forwarded to Connecticut’s Committee on Children in connection with the Committee’s public hearing on H.B. No. 6722 (Raised) RE: An Act Concerning Concussions in Youth Athletics scheduled Tuesday, February 17, 2015. Maggie Girard, CJSA President, and Thom Meredith, CJSA Executive Director will attend the hearing.

CJSA's written public hearing testimony to Connecticut's Committee on Children

Click here to see the full hearing video.
Maggie Girard's testimony can be seen at mark 5:09:45
 (5 hours, 9 minutes)

October, 2014

The CJSA Board has adopted the US Youth Soccer Concussion Policy for its events (Cups, ODP and YPDP). 

 We encourage your clubs to review these policies.

Concussion Procedure & Protocol for CJSA Soccer Events
Concussion Notification form for CJSA Events

by posted 12/10/2015
Field Status
Adams Gym - Guilford  -- 
Adams Soccer - Small - Guilford  -- 
Baldwin Upper - Guilford  -- 
Bittner Park 11v11 - Guilford  -- 
Chittenden 8v8 - Guilford  -- 
Cox - Lower 8v8 - Guilford  -- 
Cox - Upper Left 8v8 - Guilford  -- 
Cox - Upper Right 11v11 - Guilford  -- 
Guilford High Turf 11v11 - Guilford  -- 
Jacobs Beach - Guilford  -- 
Lakes Gym - Guilford  -- 
Leete #1 11v11 - Guilford  -- 
Leete #2A - Guilford  -- 
Leete #2B - Guilford  -- 
Leete #3 11v11 - Guilford  -- 
Leete #5A - Guilford  -- 
Leete #5B - Guilford  -- 
Leete Grids - Guilford  -- 
Leete Gym - Guilford  -- 
Long Hill Park-Rear 8v8 - Guilford  -- 
LongHillPark-Front 11v11 - Guilford  -- 
Meetings Location - Guilford  -- 
Melissa Jones Gym - Guilford  -- 
Nut Plains - Front Small - Guilford  -- 
TBD 11v11 - Guilford  -- 
TBD 8v8 - Guilford  -- 
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