Promoting the Love of Soccer for all Levels of Play
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Promoting the Love of Soccer for All Ages and All Levels!
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Please join us for the
SCOG Monthly General Membership Meeting
Typically the Second Thursday of the Month
7:15 PM at the Community Center!
The next meeting is December 11, 2014

Guilford's Thanksgiving Food Basket Program

2014 Guilford Holiday Food Basket Program

Program is sponsored by
Guilford Food Bank, VFW Post # 7666 & Guilford Social Services,
with the most gracious assistance from
American Legion, Guilford Seniors Program & Guilford Rotary

Thanksgiving Basket Donations will be received at the
VFW (104 Mill Rd, Guilford)
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23 from 12:00 noon to 6:00 PM
MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Distribution of baskets will be Tuesday, Nov. 26 from 2 pm to 6 pm and delivery

Thanksgiving 2014 Holiday Food Item Needs

Turkeys Turkey Breasts Instant/shelf-life milk Stuffing Mix Beef Stew Flour
Cake Mixes Dinner rolls Coffee & Tea Cereals Raisins/Nuts Sugar
Crackers Gravy Tuna Pancake Mix Broth/Soup Snacks
Pie Filling Pie Crust Mix Condiments Syrup Pickles & Olives Juice
Fresh veggies, ie. White or sweet potatoes, turnips, acorn or butternut squash, onions, celery, carrots Canned vegetables (green beans, corn, peas, carrots, etc.)
Instant, Dried or canned potatoes
Evaporated/Condensed Milk


Please bring your donations (perishable and non-perishable
items) to VFW Post #7666, 104 Mill Road, Guilford

“In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out
completes the circle and comes back to us.” -- Flora Edwards

Thank you for your interest in helping out this holiday season!


by posted 11/18/2014
U15-U19 Team Formation - Soccer Club of Guilford

In the next couple weeks we will be announcing the tryout date(s) for our remaining teams. Most likely these tryouts will be outside, on the turf at the high school.

The South Central District sponsors two age groups after the age of U14. They are;

U16 (this is an allowed and combined U15 & U16 year olds. Our formation depends on interest and evaluation turnout.)
U19 (this is an allowed and combined U17, U18 & U19 year olds. Our formation depends on interest and registration.)

The U19 team(s) will be formed via an online open registration in late winter and will not require any tryout.

The U16 team(s) will have a tryout for evaluation purposes.

The intention of the SCOG is to have multiple U16 and U19 teams if possible.

For those with busy high school schedules in the spring (athletic, academic, other), please consider this about our U16 and U19 teams:

  • Limited travel. We will be playing in the South Central District.
  • Understanding attendance policy. As stated above, we know how busy you are.
  • Cost effective. In comparison to other offerings, SCOG is a much more cost effective to keep you playing and touching the ball.
  • Ability to create a schedule of competition suitable for team. Based on the team or teams formed in each age group we will be playing the appropriate competition.
  • Comfortable environment to play as well as fulfill your other commitments.

Think of it this way. The Soccer Club of Guilford is here for all players, to keep you playing / touching the ball, and play with all your high school teammates (and others), and as a team.

Should you have any questions, please reply.

Josh Krusewski
Director of Coaching - Soccer Club of Guilford

by posted 11/14/2014
Think athletic scholarships are a 'holy grail'? Think ag

This is worth a look

Think athletic scholarships are a 'holy grail'? Think again

For many young athletes and their families, the dream of playing college sports is very different from the reality



by posted 10/27/2014
Field Status
Adams Gym - Guilford TBD (11/21) 
Adams Soccer - Small - Guilford  -- 
Baldwin Upper - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
Bittner Park 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
Chittenden 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
Cox - Lower 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
Cox - Upper Left 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
Cox - Upper Right 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
Guilford High Turf 11v11 - Guilford  -- 
Lakes Elementary Small - Guilford TBD (11/21) 
Lakes Gym - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
Leete #1 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
Leete #2 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
Leete #3 11v11 - Guilford TBD (11/21) 
Leete #5 Small - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
Leete Grids - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
Leete Gym - Guilford TBD (11/21) 
Long Hill Park-Rear 8v8 - Guilford  -- 
LongHillPark-Front 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
Meetings Location - Guilford  -- 
Melissa Jones Gym - Guilford TBD (11/21) 
Nut Plains - Front Small - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
TBD 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
TBD 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (11/21) 
Age Groups 2014-2015
  2014 - 2015 AGE MATRIX  
2010 U04  
2010 U05  U04
2009 U06 U05
2008 U07 U06
2007 U08 U07
2006 U09 U08
2005 U10 U09
2004 U11 U10
2003 U12 U11
2002 U13 U12
2001 U14 U13
2000 U15 U14
1999 U16 U15
1998 U17 U16
1997 U18 U17
1996 U19 U18
1995   U19
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