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SCOG Coach Inducted into Hall of Fame
by posted 07/07/2014

Please join me in congratulating one of our very own SCOG coaches on an illustrious achievement!

From North Branford High School




1998 – 2012   

Mr. Geremia joined the North Branford High School teaching staff in 1998 as a health and physical education teacher. This was the same year that he started coaching soccer at the high school. He first starting coaching the boys team, which he did for 7 years then took over the girls soccer program for the next 8. His boys teams were almost unstoppable. During the 7 years the Thunderbirds recorded 118 wins, 18 ties, and only 8 losses. Coach Geremia’s career at NBHS began with an impressive 13-4-2 record and a Shoreline Title. With Coach Gerermia as the leader, the T-Birds won 4 more Shoreline Conference Titles and advanced to the Finals of the CIAC State Championship four consecutive times from 2001-2004, winning back-to-back State Titles in 2003 and 2004. Many of the young men that Rick coached were recognized as All-Conference,  All-State, and All-New England players. The Connecticut Sports Writers selected Coach Geremia as the “Coach of the Year” in 2004. In 2005 Coach Geremia took over the girls program and led the girls to the record of 13 wins, 2 ties, and 4 losses. The girls also won the Shoreline Title and captured the SLC Title again  in 2007. Many girls who played for Rick also attained All-Conference and All-State honors. The North Branford High School Athletic Hall of Fame is very proud and pleased to induct Coach Rick Geremia on July 20, 2014.


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SCOG Individual & Small Group Training
by posted 07/07/2014

Soccer Club of Guilford offers individual and small group training over the summer.

Different than a clinic environment, improve your game with individual attention.

Individual Training

These sessions are designed to offer a more individual approach to training. Players benefit from a session on a one on one basis based on their individual skills and needs.  

Individual FUNCTIONAL Training

Within the individual training environment, players can also request 'functional training' where they  would work on the primary skillset for the players position (s), for example a striker would work skills such as on receiving the ball from both the ground and air (back to goal/side to goal),  finishing (ground/air), off the ball movement and heading.

Small Group Training

These sessions are designed to concentrate on the individuals' needs, in addition to incorporating small game-like situations within a small group. This option is a great mix of individual attention and small group coaching. Groups can be made of teammates looking to work on a specific tactical aspect of play, or just practice their own technique in a group environment.

In both the individual and small group the sessions, fitness and agility can be the focus.

For more information


Josh Krusewski

Director of Coaching - Soccer Club of Guilford

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2014/2015 Coaching Assingments and Tryout Results
by posted 07/02/2014


2014 Fall & 2015 Spring
Travel Rec U10 Coaching Assignments &
Travel Comp U11-U14 Tryouts Results
  Thank you to all that attend tryouts!  
  If you find your name listed below you are asked to go to the club registration page and register immediately. Please register even if you are "Opting Out" so we know and your position will be given to the next qualified player.  
  You have until Monday July 22nd to register at which time your position will be given to the next qualified player.  
Boys   Girls
Team:  U10BOYS     Team:  U10GIRLS  
Coach:  C. Yerkes / S. Abughazaleh     Coach:  D. Dikranian / J. Sullivan  
  All Players That Wish To        All Players That Wish To   
  Participate Will Be Accepted.     Participate Will Be Accepted.
  We Will Have Two Teams.       We Will Have Two Teams.  
Team:  U11BOYS     Team:  U11GIRLS  
Coach:  D. DeLucia     Coach:  W. Epke  
  Player Name       Player Name  
1 Afragola, Adam     1 Crowley, Paige  
2 Blumberg, Justin     2 Cunneen, Lauren  
3 Brainerd, Kyle     3 Demb, Olivia  
4 Campaigne, Owen     4 Epke, Madison  
5 Fahey, George     5 Gibbons, Aliya  
6 Fenollosa, Charles     6 Gillis, Emily  
7 Freeman, Theodore     7 Imaeda, Miya  
8 Glover, Edward     8 Kamen, Audrey  
9 Golia, Jason     9 Kane, Caroline  
10 Gunderson, Henry     10 Lynch, Kelsey  
11 Keanna, Peter     11 McMahon, Olivia  
12 Nalefski, Eamon     12 Moore, Mary  
13 Palatiello, Michael     13 Palumbo, Mia  
14 Pinckney, Jacob     14 Radick, Elli  
15 Pizzuti, Nathaniel     15 Rattet, Amelia  
16 Sinoway, Brennan     16 Sansone, Gabriella  
17 Stephens, Callum     17 Watrous, Sofia  
18 Thompson, Miles     18 Weekes, Isabella  
Team:  U12BOYS     Team:  U12GIRLS  
Coach:  L. Duque     Coach:  R. Geremia  
  Player Name       Player Name  
1 Aslanian, John     1 Amatruda, Rachael  
2 Buchannan , Aidan     2 Appleman, Emma  
3 Carmona, Camilo     3 Kellaher, Moira  
4 DeAngelo, Ethan     4 Mayo, Alexandra  
5 Greiner, Jack     5 McNamara, Megan  
6 Gunderson, Samuel     6 Meder, Natalie  
7 Killheffer, Noah     7 Rice, Alyssa  
8 Mackowiak, Kent     8 Ruser, Sophia  
9 Malatesta, Michael     9 Stankewich, Kiera  
10 Medvecky, Aidan     10 Ste. Marie, Olivia  
11 Mulligan, Walker     11 Whitney, Lucy  
12 Palma, Joseph     12 Wiesler, Clara  
13 Wickam-White, Dylan     13 Wiesler, Ellie  
        14 Williams, Noelle  
        15 Zuse, Ella  
Team:  U13BOYS     Team:  U13GIRLS  
Coach:  M. Assell     Coach:  D. Garcia  
  Player Name       Player Name  
1 Ahfield, Devlin     1 Bernal, Sara  
2 Anselmi, Harrison     2 Flynn, Shayla  
3 Assel, Isaac     3 Garcia-Perez, Gabriela  
4 Baron, Harper     4 Goldberg, Cassandra  
5 Chiaia, Aidan     5 Greene, Madeline  
6 Clancy, Jack     6 Heckler, Summer  
7 Conklin, Jake     7 Hess, Lauren  
8 Doucette, Kyle     8 Kendrioski, Krista  
9 Eschinger, McKendry     9 Kenney, Delaney  
10 Gillis, Daniel     10 Leiby, Samantha  
11 Ian, William     11 Mancuso, Morgan  
12 Johnston, William     12 Mandel, Margaret  
13 Mirrione, Joseph     13 McLaughlin, Molly  
14 Moore, Matthew     14 OBrien, Grace  
15 Parikh, Khelan     15 Perez, Natalia  
16 Shaw, Ethan     16 Petra, Elizabeth  
17 Volf, Aaron     17 Rivera Vazquez, Marietta  
18 Yerkes, Aaron     18 Rusconi, Angelina  
        19 Stanley, Ella  
        20 Strand, Reagan  
Team:  U14BOYS     Team:  U14GIRLS  
Coach:  M. Wnek     Coach:  D. Ibarra  
  Player Name       Player Name  
1 Carmona, Danny     1 Albert, Haley  
2 Crossley, James     2 Ballard, Alexis  
3 DeLucia, John     3 Burkle, Taylor  
4 Demb, Elijah     4 Cousins, Meagan  
5 Horton, Noah     5 Fitzgerald, Caroline  
6 Inchalik, Andrew     6 Haversat, Jacqueline  
7 Leiby, Ryan     7 Hilgert, Lauren  
8 Lepeak, Eric     8 Jackson, Brigitte  
9 Letourneau, Michael     9 Kendrioski, Brielle  
10 Mackowiak, Clifford     10 Krickmier, Karley  
11 Medvecky, Hugh     11 Landon, Meghan  
12 O'Brien, Liam     12 Mariconda, Celia  
13 Panagoulias, Benjamin     13 Meder, Tatum  
14 Riccio, Ellis     14 Sandella, Kelly  
15 Slattery, Ian     15 Stankewich, Alessandra  
16 Stephens, Braden     16 Ulrich, Lillian  
17 Westgard, Leo     17 Vilaseca, Abbey  


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What are my Soccer Options?
by posted 06/13/2014

SCOG Members,

There is some confusion regarding Guilford families’ options for playing soccer next year. Families hear from their local town soccer program, premier programs, and other options. The Soccer Club of Guilford (SCOG) is providing the information below to answer questions that have recently been raised by SCOG member families.

Representative Questions from SCOG membership. .  

  • Can a player play for a SCOG team and another club’s team? Do I have to choose Premier, or SCOG, or can I do both?
    • Yes. Players may play with a SCOG Competitive Travel team and a Premier team. In the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) system a player can be rostered with both a Premier team and a Competitive Travel team. There are even more options and combinations but let’s leave it to this for simplicity. SCOG has always had players rostered on both Premier teams and our Competitive Travel teams. The CJSA system does not have a problem rostering players to both teams.  
  • What types of teams require tryouts and what types do not?
    • Competitive Travel teams and Premier teams typically have tryouts.
  • Who can try out for SCOG Competitive Travel
    • Any Guilford player can try out for their gender/age appropriate team
  • What are the established Premier clubs in the area I can look at?
    • SCOG members/players have been rostered with: Connecticut Football Club (CFC), FSA Football Club (FSA), Ginga FC, Oakwood Soccer Club, South Central Premier (SCP) and Southeast Soccer Club.
  • I hear there are new Premier clubs in the area. Who are they?
    • Shoreline FC and CT Rush are offering soccer programs in the area but, the teams are not registered currently with the CJSA for competition in Connecticut. Each of these programs is a “spin-off” from a larger organization.
  • What are the Leagues teams play in?
    • SCOG participates in the South Central District (SCD) of the CJSA
    • The SCD has Competitive Travel leagues and Recreational Travel leagues with various levels of play.
    • SCOG enters teams in all the age groups SCD offers and we are placed in a level of play by SCD based primarily on the prior season performance of that team.
    • Premier teams participate in a CJSA sanctioned program typically with four levels of play (Elite, Division I, Division II and Qualifying Division.
  • What is the typical team makeup?
    • Competitive Travel teams are typically made up of a players from a single town
    • Premier teams are typically made up of players from large geographic areas (e.g., New Haven County)
  • What is the competitive nature of the different levels of play?
    • There are many levels of play offered within the state of Connecticut depending on gender and age. Not all programs are available through the CJSA. For boys, the level of play is:
      • Academy/Pre-Academy
      • Elite
      • Premier (Three Levels)
      • Competitive Travel (Four Levels)
      • Recreation Travel (Four Levels)
    • Many Elite programs will choose to play in regional teams that play outside of the state of Connecticut

Some other items you should note.

  • No matter what level of play, teams will have players with varying levels of skill and ability. Soccer is a team sport. The best players are those who figure out the team’s ability, enhance their teammate’s level of play and set out to be the best team they can be.
  • No one program is best for every family or player. Programs will vary based on time commitment, financial commitment, travel commitment, and level of talent.
  • SCOG is one of the largest town clubs in the CJSA.
  • CJSA is affiliated with the US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), US Soccer (the US Soccer Federation) and the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA).
  • According to CJSA, “No player is eligible to play in any CJSA sanctioned competition or activity without being registered and in good standing with CJSA.”
    • As such, when families are selecting a soccer program, families should understand which teams that program is allowed to play and compete against.
    • Not all programs that profess Premier status are clubs that register their teams with CJSA. Some are for training only.
    • Some programs register Premier teams with town clubs that have CJSA status.
    • Most established Premier clubs are registered with the CJSA, list their teams and register their own teams.  
  • The SCOG has co-existed and enjoyed very good healthy relationships with Premier clubs.
  • Currently this season SCOG has players on 57 teams all registered with CJSA
  • SCOG has had players on both our teams AND South Central Premier, CFC, Oakwood, Everson and others simultaneously. The SCOG easily co-exists with them.
  • SCOG is a non-profit town travel club registered as such. The Mission of our Club is “… to promote the appreciation for and long-term participation in soccer within the town of Guilford.   The Club will provide equal playing opportunity for every youth of appropriate age who wants to play through clinics, spring and fall recreational leagues. Most importantly, the Club's emphasis will be fun, good sportsmanship, physical fitness, respectful for one another, healthy attitudes and team play.”
  • The SCOG is not for profit organization and as such:
    • Charges significantly less than Premier programs
    • Does not spend members’ funds on large marketing campaigns
    • Does not pay large salaries to the coaching staff
    • Does not pay royalties or profits to a “parent” organization
    • Encourages players who want to play Premier to do so exclusively or along with a SCOG team
  • The rate of Premier clubs forming within Connecticut is increasing at an exponential rate. The number of programs has more than doubled in recent years. There is a drastic difference in all the “Premier” programs. Please educate yourself, not only on the word “Premier” but what the differences are in the clubs and the programs that are offered.
  • Not all Premier clubs are affiliated with US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), US Soccer (the US Soccer Federation) and the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA). Some operate independently.

Please know this:

  • Any player in Guilford will have a team to play on if the SCD offers the age group. We can’t offer something that does not exist like U08 Competitive Travel.
  • If a player feels that want to play both SCOG and a Premier program, or with private training, that is fine with SCOG.
  • Whatever a family decides is best for them should be what they do.


Joe Guerra


Soccer Club of Guilford

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Please Support Our Sponsors
by posted 05/28/2014

The Soccer Club of Guilford Wishes to Thank our Sponsors!


Girls Team Sponsors Boys Team Sponsors
U06 U06
U08 U08


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Krusewski Appointed U.S. Soccer’s National Training Centers Pr
by posted 05/27/2014




Joshua Krusewski Appointed U.S. Soccer’s National Training Centers Program


Guilford, CT – Wednesday May 21, 2014 - The Soccer Club of Guilford is proud to announce that its Director of Coaching, Josh Krusewski, has been appointed a position within U.S. Soccer's Youth National Training Centers program.


U.S. Soccer Training Centers are run directly by the U.S. Soccer Federation. Training Centers are "invite only" and used to identify players for the youth national team programs. National Training Centers will cater to both genders and span from ages 11/12 years old to 18/19 years old, with Krusewski being assigned to the female side.


Krusewski’s assignment is to work with other local scouts and in conjunction with the Training Center liaison in identifying the top female players born in ’00, ’01, ’02 and ’03 who have the talent and potential to become US National Team players. Those players may be invited to attend training sessions focused on developing the technical and tactical areas necessary to be successful in the National Team program. These sessions are run by the U.S. Youth National Team Staff.


About the Soccer Club of Guilford


The mission of the Soccer Club of Guilford is to promote the appreciation for and long-term participation in soccer within the town of Guilford.   The Club will provide equal playing opportunity for every youth of appropriate age who wants to play through clinics, spring and fall recreational leagues. Most importantly, the Club's emphasis will be fun, good sportsmanship, physical fitness, respectful for one another, healthy attitudes and team play. The Soccer Club of Guilford(SCOG) has been providing a quality soccer experience to town players for every level of play since 1973. As one of the oldest clubs in the state of CT we have a proud tradition or providing soccer training to the local resident in preparation for the level of play they may chose. The SCOG currently has almost 700 players per season in team based programs plus over 100 players in instructional training programs, clinics and camps. The SCOG as part of the South Central District in the CT Junior Soccer Association runs team based programs for In-House Recreational, Travel Recreational and Travel Competitive Soccer. The SCOG participates seasonally in local in state as well as out of state weekend tournaments. The SCOG also participates and performs very well in the state wide seasonal CT Cup tournament. Recently the SCOG has sent our fall 2013 CT Winners to the Region I National Championships.


About Joshua Krusewski


Joshua Krusewski has been the Director of Coaching for the Soccer Club of Guilford now for four years. He has added the level of professionalism the club needed. He continues to recruit, hire and train coaching talent that is in the best interest of a travel soccer club. In turn this increases the player talent that other clubs seek to recruit. Previous to joining the SCOG, Josh was:


  • Head Coach University of New Haven Men's Soccer
  • Assistant Coach UCONN Men's Soccer
  • Assistant Coach SCSU Men's Soccer - 1998, 1999 National Champion
  • Director of Coaching Northeast United Premier
  • Head Coach South Central Premier
  • Head Coach North Haven High School
  • Connecticut ODP (Olympic Development Program) coach, regional finalist
  • Coach / Clinician Wallingford Youth Soccer, Monroe Soccer Club
  • CJSA Coach of the Year
  • CJSA Referee of the Year
  • US Youth Soccer Region 1 Referee of the Year Finalist
  • 4 time US Youth Soccer Region 1 Championship referee



Joseph Guerra

Soccer Club of Guilford – President

P.O. Box 21

Guilford, CT 06437 USA






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SCOG Programs Defined
by posted 02/01/2014
As Of August 2013 In-House Micro In-House Recreational District Travel Rec. District Travel Comp
Age Group U6 - U7 U8 - U10 U11 - U14 U10 - U19
Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 Registration Fee $80 $80 $125 $650 Fall & Spring.
$325 Spring Only.
Late Registration Fee $40 $40 $40 N/A
Format 6 v 6 8 V 8 U11 & U12 play 8 v 8                          U13 & up play 11 v 11 U10, U11 & U12 play 8 v 8
U13 & up play 11 v 11
Practices None 1 per week 1 per week 2 per week
Games 1 per week  1 per week  1 or 2 per week 1 or 2 per week
Description / Level of Play Learn the basics, have fun! Skill, team and game development.  Equal playing time. Balanced teams. Competitive, out-of-town District play. Equal playing time.  Teams are arranged based on registration numbers, ages and number of SCD Divisions. Highest level of CJSA South Central District play.  U10 does not play league games, only friendlies.
Tryouts/Evaluations No No No Yes
Travel No No Yes Yes
Travel Distance Guilford Guilford Moderate - within CJSA SCD Moderate - within CJSA SCD
Tournaments No No 1 Rec. Level Per Season 1 Comp Level Per Season
Commitment Seasonal  Commitment.  Fall and Spring Seasons Offered. Seasonal  Commitment.  Fall and Spring Seasons Offered. Seasonal  Commitment.  Fall and Spring Seasons Offered. U10 Player Pool: selection is for the year(Two Seasons) but committment and payment each Season.
U11-U14: is a Two Season (Fall & Spring) Commitment. 
U15 and up is Spring Only Commitment.
Coaches Parent Volunteers (2) Parent Volunteers (2) Parent Volunteers - Head Coach, Assistant Coach/Manager. Paid, Certified Head Coach.  Parent Volunteer Assistant Coach and Parent Volunteer Manager.
Team Managers No No Yes, Parent Volunteer Yes, Parent Volunteer
Uniforms T-shirt Provided by SCOG Sponsor Program T-shirt Provided by SCOG Sponsor Program Full Uniform, Home & Away Jerseys, Shorts, Socks Required - Family Provided, not SCOG Full Uniform, Home & Away Jerseys, Shorts, Socks Required - Family Provided, not SCOG
  • District Travel Comp and Premier Teams will only be formed if there are enough players talent to be competitive.
  • Accounts must be in good standing to be eligible for the tryouts.
  • U15 players and older who also play on a High School team must adhere to CIAC regulations and are prevented from playing in the Fall Season.

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Field Status
Adams Gym - Guilford TBD (7/26) 
Adams Soccer - Small - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
Bittner Park 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
Chittenden 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
Cox - Lower 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
Cox - Upper Left 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
Cox - Upper Right 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
Guilford High Turf 11v11 - Guilford  N/A 
Lakes Gym - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
Leete #1 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
Leete #2 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
Leete #3 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
Leete #5 Small - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
Leete Grids - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
Leete Gym - Guilford TBD (7/26) 
Long Hill Park-Rear 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
LongHillPark-Front 11v11 - Guilford  N/A 
Meetings Location - Guilford  N/A 
Melissa Jones Gym - Guilford TBD (7/26) 
TBD 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
TBD 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (7/26) 
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